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People are What Make a Honda a Honda

There's a lot that goes into make a new Honda so special and it's all thanks to the people working for the automaker; every detail about any model in the lineup was meticulously decided by someone and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor! Take, for instance, Annie - an engineer at Honda - and her work on "aerocoustics," which has to do with how the noise outside the car is not hear…

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The 2015 Honda Fit is Much More than Meets the Eye

We love it when a vehicle is compact on the outside, but full of surprises on the inside. The one in particular we're referring to is the all-new 2015 Honda Fit. This hatchback offers versatility in more ways than one, and we're here to tell you how so you can see if it?s the right fit for you.

For starters, the storage space inside the Fit is ideal for bikes and other…

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Saving Money in the Gorgeous Honda Accord

When you're looking for an incredible mid-sized sedan, something with features and comfort galore, something that can offer you tons of fuel efficiency and save you money over the years, then you may as well go with America's favorite and choose the Honda Accord. Offering an 8-inch screen on the infotainment system, dual-zone climate control, and so much more, you'll be...

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Live on the Wild Side and Enter The Fastest Seat in Sports Sweepstakes

If you're one to take a walk on the wild side, you're in for the ride of a lifetime.

Imagine sliding into a Honda racecar and pushing the limit on the track with a racing legend like Mario Andretti behind the wheel. Breathtaking doesn't even begin to describe the sort of adrenaline rush that would trigger.

Guess what? It can happen! All you have to do is enter the Fastest Seat in…

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Honda of Freehold Takes You Back to Safety Basics

What are the best practices for safe driving?

Buckle up, of course. Keep your hands on 10 and 2, and keep your eyes on the road. Sounds simple enough, especially when you're driving a Honda designed with several safety features such as Forward Collision Warning, anti-lock brakes, and Vehicle Stability Assist?.

Sometimes, these best practices aren't put into use. Occasionally, a driver proceeds to whip out his or her phone, and text. It…

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Start Something Special with Your Honda Vehicle

This is the story about a man and his Honda.

The Honda cared for its owner, and did everything it could to serve his every need. Whether that meant comfort, safety, style--anything, the Honda remained reliable through and through.

At Honda of Freehold, we ask you to #StartSomethingSpecial with your Honda or soon-to-be Honda. We hope it's just as genuine as this man's story:

This timeline is a common one, and it's…

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Prepare for the Arrival of the Technology Filled 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback

If you're a fan of the the Honda Fit in previous years, then you're surely going to love the new and improved 2015 hatchback. It was recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, so today on our blog we thought we'd bring you some of its most exciting highlights.

For starters, drivers have a long list of standard features to look forward to which include Bluetooth, convenient steering wheel controls, a…

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Take a Look at the Extreme Honda NSX Concept-GT Racer

For those of you who aren't as familiar with the racing scene, it's important to know that Japan's Super GT series brings extreme performance to a whole new level. The Honda NSX Concept-GT for example, is one of the new vehicles that auto enthusiasts are keeping an eye out for. Once it hits the race track, it is sure to provide us with a thrilling performance.

To get a sneak preview, check out the video below to watch the model take a few test laps.

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