The Importance of Trained Honda Service

August 29th, 2017 by

Mechanic checking the oil

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There are dozens of different places in and around Freehold where you can get vehicle serviced. But if you are like most people you may not think you have a place you can trust to perform affordable, quality maintenance and repairs. We encourage anyone driving a Honda model to only seek out trained Honda service from a dealership. Learn why, and make Honda of Freehold the team you rely on for complete Honda service.

Get Expert Service

Honda technicians are the most qualified professionals near Old Bridge to work on Honda vehicles. They have received in-depth instruction specifically from the automaker, and their expertise applies directly to Honda vehicles regardless of model or model year. You can feel confident that the person under your hood knows exactly what he or she is doing and will be working hard to restore your vehicle to tiptop shape.

Rely on Genuine Parts

No one knows how Honda models work better than the automaker itself. That is why genuine Honda parts are the best option when you need to repair or replace components on your vehicle. A Honda service center like ours will only use these parts, ensuring that the work being done meets the highest standards.

Resolve Recall Issues

If you own a Honda model that is subject to a recall, a Honda service center is fully equipped to get the issue resolved. In fact, we prioritize recalls when drivers come to visit us. Trained technicians have been briefed on the issue and will do exactly what your vehicle needs to get back in perfect running order. Plus, the work costs you nothing when it’s performed by Honda service technicians.

Enjoy VIP Treatment

Honda dealerships want to cultivate loyal customers, which is why they offer a high caliber of service when it comes to repairs, maintenance, or parts. The stereotypical rude and unhelpful behavior drivers might encounter at a chain lube shop is replaced by courtesy, flexibility, and respect at a Honda service center. Plus, you benefit from easy scheduling, rotating deals and discounts, loyal customer benefits and much more.

Honda of Freehold is the Local Leader

Once you have a source you can trust, it’s easy to get automotive repairs and maintenance that fit your schedule and budget. Make our service center the team you trust near Eatontown the next time and every time after. If you have questions, please contact us, and remember that you can drop by our service center without an appointment, too. Be sure to heck out our guide to leasing to make sure you are getting the right vehicle for your needs!